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3 Things to Know About Landlord Rescue in San Mateo, CA

3 Things to Know About Landlord Rescue in San Mateo, CA

According to statistics, 8,070,524 U.S. people aged 18 years or older are behind on the rent. Are one or more of these people your tenants? If so, you may need a landlord rescue service.

There are also plenty of other reasons why you may need these services as well. They can help you if your property sustained damage, your previous property managers failed you, you can't evict a current tenant, and/or more.

Read on to learn three ways landlord rescue services can help landlords in San Mateo, CA.

1. Perform Property Inspections

Properties often fall into disrepair for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, this happens because a property manager lives out of state and can't properly manage their properties. They may have hired a property management company to handle these properties instead, but this company may not have done their job well.

A landlord rescue service can undo all of the damage caused by this neglect. They can go in and inspect the property for any squatters, damage, and/or uncleanliness. They can then fix and/or clean up the property as well as evict any illegal tenants.

Once they do this, the property should be usable again. Landlords and/or property management companies (sometimes this is the same as the landlord rescue service) can put the property up for rent and tenants are sure to come flooding in.

2. Collect Past Due Rents

Landlords may be unsure how to handle getting past-due rent from tenants or evicting them. That's where landlord rescue services can step in. They can handle these situations for the landlords.

This doesn't necessarily mean that they'll evict non-paying tenants right away. Landlord rescue services can help tenants find solutions to their rent-paying issues. This may involve guiding tenants toward loan services and government programs.

3. Handle Code Violations

On the other hand, sometimes it's the landlord that owes money. An improperly managed property can end up with building code-violating damage. This may turn into hefty building code violation fines.

If landlords don't pay these fines, government officials can place liens on these properties. These officials can sometimes even foreclose on the property. Then the landlord will lose their rental income.

Landlord rescue services can help. They can provide the necessary financial assistance landlords need. In other situations, they can help them negotiate with lenders.

These financial services can also help landlords repair their properties. This way, the properties won't violate any codes in the future.

We Offer San Mateo, CA Landlord Rescue

Just because you feel that your property management days are over, it doesn't mean that they have to be. As long as landlord rescue services remain, there is plenty of help for landlords available.

Do you need these services in San Mateo? If so, talk to us at Five Star Property Management. We offer property managers in San Mateo.

Our expert managers will rescue your property while still following the landlord rescue rules. In addition, they can handle all facets of day-to-day property management. Learn more about our services by contacting us through one of the methods on this page.

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