Blank Leasing Only
100% One Month's Rent
Total Care
10% Gross Monthly Rent
Tenant Placement Fee 100% of 1st Month $0
YouTube Video Tour & Professional Photos Yes Yes
Professional Advertising with Video Yes Yes
Premium Marketing on 50+Major Rental sites & the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) YES YES
In Person Showing by a Licensed Agent YES YES
Prospective Tenant Credit Check YES YES
Prospective Tenant Background Check YES YES
Move In/Move Out Property Inspection with video Move In Only YES
Verification of Renters Insurance Yes! YES
Rent Collection + Direct Deposit NO YES
Direct Deposit of Rent by 10th of each month NO YES
Detailed & Accurate Financial Statements with Secure Cloud Storage NO YES
Annual Property Inspection / Review NO YES
Maintenance Troubleshooting & Access to 24/7 Emergency Hotline NO YES
$10K Tenant Eviction Management / Protection Plan NO Eviction Protection
Plan included
Lease Renewal at No Cost to You No YES
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Regarding Management Packages

  • Which package is best for me?

    If you are a “do it yourself” type of person, have a high-risk tolerance and don’t mind getting your hands dirty or answering emergency maintenance phone calls at 3am, the LEASING ONLY PACKAGE maybe right for you! The LEASING ONLY PACKAGE offers you the advantage of professional tenant placement and screening with the most up to date and landlord friendly lease available in your area.

    However, if you are like most people, you would likely prefer to let our experienced team of professionals handle all of the dirty work so that you can have complete peace of mind with our all-inclusive services such as no charge tenant placement, video and written move in/move out inspection reports, no charge annual property review, 24/7 emergency maintenance response and eviction protection of up to $10,000.00. If this sounds like you, then the TOTAL CARE PACKAGE is the right one for you!

  • How are you different from other property management companies?

    Limited portfolio size. By limiting our portfolio size to no more than 200 properties under management, each and every owner is assured a personal relationship with our team and is never lost in the crowd.

    Class A properties. By focusing on well cared for properties in desirable areas, we can attract and retain the most highly qualified tenants who tend to stick around and take good care of the units.

    Performance is everything. With our background in the world of professional motorsports, we understand better than most what it takes to perform and win at the highest possible levels. In motorsports, a mistake can cost more than a win, it can cost your life! Our team prepares and manages each and every property like it was their own, and focuses on delivering outstanding results for each of our clients.

    And most importantly, we are all homeowners. Each member of our team is a home owner and rental property owner. We know intimately what it feels like to get the dreaded 2am phone call from a tenant about a flooded bathroom or leaking roof, so we do our best to make sure that the properties under our management are well maintained so that you never receive those calls.

  • I’ve seen “cheaper” fees advertised, isn’t that better for me as an owner?

    We know that there are companies out there who charge less than we do. However, the reason they are forced to do this is because they cannot compete with our experience and award winning levels of service! So yes, you end up with a discounted fee, but only because you get a much lower quality level of service (which will end up costing you more in the long run due to lower quality tenants that will destroy your property and incompetent management that will not know how to handle the problems that they created).

    Do the math. The difference between an experienced and responsible company (such as Five Star Property Management) at our highest level “Total Care Package” (which includes an eviction protection plan, free tenant placement and no inspection fees) at 10% fee VS. a fly by night, “startup” property management company at an 8% fee is less than $3.00 per day! See for yourself:

    • $3.5K monthly rent x 10% mgmt. fee = $350/Per month ALL INCLUSIVCE. NO WORRIES HERE!!
    • $3.5K monthly rent x 8% mgmt. fee = $280/Per month NO PROTECTION, 100% EXPOSURE AND RISK. BAD!!
    • $350 - $280 = $70.00/ 30 days = $2.34 Per Day difference (or less than the price of 1 cup of bad coffee)!

    We have been in this industry long enough to realize that you cannot have experienced managers and quality service along with low fees.

  • Can we use your handyman and vendors?

    Yes, of course! We have years of experience with the best handymen and vendors in the industry and in most cases they are able to resolve issues quickly and efficiently at a competitive price that saves you time, money, energy and stress because you’ll know the job has been done correctly the first time around.
  • What is covered by your tenant Eviction Protection Plan?

    Our Eviction Protection Plan protects a property owner when a tenant fails to pay rent. In the event that a Five Star Property Management placed tenant fails to pay rent, we will process, serve and file all of the necessary eviction paper work and handle the entire process with our attorneys, which includes covering legal fees and court costs of up to $10,000.
  • How do I terminate my current property manager and hire Five Star Property Management?

    The process is actually very simple and we will help guide you through it step by step. This will include us drafting an email that you can use, instructing your current management company that you wish to end your agreement with them. We will also include your request to obtain a copy of all keys, and for a final distribution of any remaining funds on file (such as maintenance reserves or the security deposit), to take place.

    We will then notify your tenants via postal mail, email and phone regarding the change in management and will instruct them on how to pay their rent, submit maintenance requests or report any other issues moving forward. That’s all there is to it!