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How to Switch Property Management Companies in the Bay Area, CA

How to Switch Property Management Companies in the Bay Area, CA

Firing a property manager is a sensitive topic. We’re talking about how to switch property management companies, and what some of the signs are that you need to consider leaving your current manager. It’s difficult, and similar to breaking up with someone. When you get to this point, it can be hard to acknowledge the problems. There are four major reasons to make a change that shouldn’t be ignored.

Property Management Burlingame: Payments

From a business perspective, you have to consider your payments. Is your payment sent out on time and on a consistent basis? Are you getting a clear and concise accounting of any charges? There should be receipts and a documentation trail for all your expenses. If you’re not getting that or if you see signs that what you’re getting is not correct, you should consider finding a new manager.

Property Management Burlingame: Responsiveness

Trouble getting a response from your management company is never a good sign. If you call or email and you don’t hear back from them for 48 or 72 hours, it might be a sign that something isn’t quite right. The company is not necessarily hiding anything, but maybe you’re not as much of a priority now as you were in the past. It depends on what the relationship has been and the trust factor between you and your management company. But if you’re feeling ignored, it’s a good reason to look elsewhere.

Property Management Burlingame: Property Condition

The quality of care your property receives is important, and if you aren’t receiving routine inspections, or you feel the property condition has slid over the years, that’s an important reason to consider switching companies. This isn’t so important for personal reasons, but it’s important from a liability standpoint. If you drive by and notice the grass is overgrown, there are cracks in the driveway, and things are not maintained, that will affect you. If someone gets hurt, you are ultimately liable. If you feel the property isn’t getting the attention it should, you might want to look elsewhere.

Property Management Burlingame: Satisfaction

Finally, what is your overall level of satisfaction with the company? If you’re not at the point where you’re sending referrals because you’re so happy with what they’re doing, it’s probably time to consider your relationship. Ultimately, our job is to send you your money. We don’t collect money from you or ask you for anything; we send you thousands of dollars every month. Most people are happy with us. We get nice gifts at the end of the year. We serve as your agent and collect funds for you. But if you feel like it’s a one way relationship and things just aren’t right any more, contact other companies. We can provide a list of questions you should ask current and future management companies. If you need any help with Burlingame property management, please contact us at Five Star Property Management.

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